Impact of Contributing Factors that Effect Duodenal Ulcer Patients with Some Variables

Abdulmahdi A. Hasan
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Keywords : Impact of Contributing Factors , Effect Duodenal Ulcer Patients
Medical Journal of Babylon  8:1 , 2014 doi:1812-156X-8-1
Published :2011


The etiology of duodenal ulcer (D.U.) is completely Unknown; however .Gastric acid secretion plays an important role in pathogenesis of the disease. The study is planned to find out the relationship between the contributing factors of D.U. and some variables, such as age, sex; level of education . It was a descriptive study was conducted in Baghdad teaching hospital. Reviewing (30) D.U. patients who were admitted to the surgical world of Baghdad teaching hospital. Data were collected though the use of the questionnaire (interview) with the patients. The results have revealed that the majority of the samples were from heavy smokers of alcoholic male. It was recommended that an educational program for duodenal ulcer patient should be developed regarding Duodenal ulcer.


Gastrointestinal (Gl) is a major cause of illness in young adults. About 20% in the Duodenum [1] . Duodenal ulcer (D.U) occurs only in the areas of the gastrointestinal tract that are exposed to hydrochloric acid and pepsin. Ulcer disease relatively happens in the United State; it has been estimated that about (1) in every (10) men will have duodenal ulcer during course of his life .Ulcer disease is some what less common in women that in men, about (1) in (25) women can be expected to develop an ulcer [2]. Brunner and Suddarth 2001 [3] mentioned that the etiology of Duodenal ulcer. is poorly under stood; it is know the D.U. occur only in the areas of gastrointestinal tract which are exposed to hydrochloric acid of pepsin[4] Bmnner and suddarth 2001[4] reported that to deal successfully with disease, the patient must understand his situation and factors that will help him to aggravate his condition, so the Nurse can offer simple education for D.U. patients to help them. The objective of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of contributing factors of duodenal ulcer patient on some variable such as, age, sex and level of education[5].

Materials and methods

Type of the study
A descriptive study design research
was conducted to find out effectiveness
of contributing factors of duodenal ulcer
patient on the some variable factor such
as level education , age and sex.
Setting for study including one
hospital , Baghdad teaching hospital, An
arbitrary sample of 30 Duodenal ulcer
patients who was chosen from the
surgical ward in Baghdad teaching
hospital. The data was collected through
the use of a questionnaire and means of
interview with the subjects who
performed from the beginning of
October 2000 until the April 2001. In
order to construct the questionnaire, the
research had renewed the literature
related to the study , which investigate
the contributing factors of Duodenal
ulcer and their occurrence in such
patients. The questionnaire was
developed in this study consists of 11
items. The first section includes 6 items
which were concerned with demographic
data such as sex, age, educational level
and occupation while second part of
questionnaire was focused on the
contributing factors such as family
history, occupational stress, emotional
stress alcohol over stimulation seasoning
irregular , hurried eating and smoking
excessively. The items were rated on scale of close ended responses (Yes, No)
were scored as 1 for yes (stand for
factors contributing of D.U.) and 2 for
No( stands for non factors contributing
of D.U.).
In order to determine the validity of
the instrument in these research (5)
experts (three doctors from Baghdad
teaching Hospital and two nurses from
college of nursing) who have more than
10 years of experience in their Job –
before starting the final collection of
data a pilot study carried out the
following purposes:
1- To prepare a suitable , clear
instrument for data collection of
deudenal ulcer patients.
2- To estimate the average time
required for the interview .
3- To enhance validity of the
questionnaire format.
The results show that the reliability
coefficient was 0.78 that was statically
acceptable [6].


The exact cause of D.U. is unknown, the result of this study indicated that there is increase in incidence of D.U. in a mean age 38 years (table-1). These increasing in prevalence due to increase responsibility in the family and work environment among this age. Supported of this study. (Bnmner and Suddarth 2006) [7] mentioned that the disease occurs with great frequency between ages of 20-60 years. Table-2 shows (S) the difference in emotional stress relation to educational levels, the majority of sample from secondary and above (table one ). This result means that patients in secondary school and above were exposed to anxiety and emotional stress than others due to increase needs and demands which supported by( solowary 2006) [8] mentioned that each patient Must interact with the environment in order to maintain a dynamic equilibrium for the preservation and promotion of health society. This equilibrium is challenged during life span and the results may be deviation from the state of health-From the results of this study, it was concluded that the majority of the sample in smoking excessively is male table (3) statistically (S), difference in alcohol factors in male than female. There is (H.S.) difference in alcoholic over stimulating seasoning irregular and hurried eating in age 21-40 years table (4). Based on the result of this study the investigator recommended the following: Establishing standardized educational program for the patient. With D.U. that provide health professional with an education mode to teach the patient. The knowledge necessary for her or his to assume an optimal level of self-management within the parameter of her disease process.




Based on the present results and the discussion the study has concluded: 1- Patient having the minimum level of experiences in factors that effect duodenal ulcer, so they need a specific education programs and training sessions. 2- The educational program is found to be an effective education device by which patients at the duodenal ulcer, can improve knowledge base. 3- The study group has shown that the education level of patient has significant contribution to their understanding of the educational program.


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